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"CORE Therapies literally changed my life..."

Dr. Sonners has the gentlest hands. I have been to chiropractors before, but never one with such a warm light touch. I originally came to CORE Therapies for intense constant neck pain and headaches that I had been dealing with for over two years. Shortly after a series of care, about 1 month, I began to notice significant improvement. Now, three months later, I have not had a headache for 3 weeks and my neck pain is almost non-existent. I look forward to continuing my care and getting even better results. - I.M.

I was originally diagnosed with Parkinson’s 4 years ago. Since then I have been losing strength which has resulted in poor posture and neck pain. I have been working with the doctors at CORE Therapies for 5 months. I am now more able to stand straight and I can walk longer distance with more comfort than I could in years. I have noticed a dramatic increase in my quality of life and I am grateful.- M.G.

I was really unsure about chiropractic. All I knew was that I didn't want someone who would jump to perform surgery on me. A friend mentioned Dr. Sonners and told me that she was an avid runner and exercise enthusiast. I thought that this is the type of doctor that I would like to see but wasn't sure if I was on target or not. Dr. Mel quickly understood the issues that were plaguing me. At the point that I first saw her I could not run at all and had trouble performing many exercises that I had been doing for years. Actually, I was even having trouble walking and getting through the day. Dr. Mel was able to get right to the source of my pain and I felt significant improvement in just a couple of sessions. She pinpointed areas of concern, adjusted and massaged those areas on a regular basis. I feel that she has given me a new lease on my exercise and daily life. I feel that I have added an important member to my wellness team. It is very important to me that I am in control of my health and wellness choices and I think CORE. Therapies provides excellent information and well rounded support to help me make excellent choices concerning my health.CORE provides a very holistic approach to life and CORE doctors live what they preach! I think CORE Therapies actually goes beyond the chiropractic and has a fantastic overall commitment to health and well being. That is about as important as it gets! - J.E.

"CORE Therapies has helped me get in the best shape that I have been in for a long, long time..." -Wish

I cannot say enough good things about Core Therapies. Dr.Melissa saved my nursing relationship with my daughter.  She had a lip/tongue tie corrected and still wasn't latching correctly.  Over the course of a few weeks, Dr. Melissa helped tremendously and now my daughter and I are off to a great start nursing! I was also having a lot of issues post partum, so I saw Dr. Jason for applied kinesiology to get to the root of my problems.  He was patient and made me feel very comfortable talking about what was going on .  He has helped me get on track!  I had been to countless doctors, but it wasn't until I met Dr. Melissa and Dr. Jason that I felt heard and now I'm finally getting my life back! I honestly can't thank them enough.  - A.F.

On behalf of my whole family, thank you. Kevin would never have gotten through the football season without you. I can’t even list all the things you’ve done for Corey. Mike is looking forward to 2008 and his new lifestyle. Jason, they told me I wouldn’t be able to raise my arm over my head again, but after 4 months with you helping me, I’m back to normal. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! - T.D.

Talent, Empathy, the ability to listen and then communicate, coupled with the insatiable desire to learn are the qualities necessary to be a successful medical professional. Both Jason and Melissa exhibit these qualities and I feel will serve them exceedingly well. I am enthusiastic to recommend them to any and all whom I believe will be helped by their methods and caring attitudes.- S.G.

Mel, you and Jason are so blessed to have each other in your practice and in your lives together, I have watched your practice grow and am delighted for your success. I could not be any other way of course with your knowledgeable counsel and skill as a doctor. Breezy and I have appreciated your kindness and patience during a critical time of growth for her. Thank you for your sensible advice, and for supporting me as a parent who seeks holistic health care for my family. It is wonderful to know with your guidance and care, my family will stay healthy. I wish you peace and continued success! Namaste - L.F.

As always I am thrilled to tell you what a difference you make in our lives. Petey has grown tremendously in every way with you…He loves Dr. Pump it up. You have single handedly created a love of sheer exercising, strengthened him mentally and physically, and built such a wonderful trusting relationship with both of us! Air time with you is a joy, and has given Petey every advantage - for that I will be forever grateful. I treasure our relationship. Much love as you continue to grow in every way. - L.T.

I first came for stress relief, and now all five us get care all for our own individual reasons. You have taken a look at our family holistically, with compassion and thoughtfulness. Your insight, knowledge, and your belief in the awareness that we have as parents, has helped us to make our children’s lives better. From struggling with recurring coughs and ear aches, to ADHD and anxiety management, we have been able to provide a healthier life for our kids. Not to mention the focus and intention that you have helped to facilitate in our quest, as adults, to become more conscious in caring for ourselves. Thank You. - The A. Clan

There is a Jewish word, "bershert," which basically means “meant to be." Harvey and I working with you is absolutely bershert. When I thought my only alternative would be surgery, you showed me I was wrong. When the ER put Harvey on crutches and never got to the root of his problem you did and corrected it. We have both consulted with you on many issues and have consistently felt that you both understood, had great information to educate us, and have made us happier in the way we want to achieve health and wellness naturally. You are very important wellness consultants that we admire and respect and feel lucky to have you as part of our team. - J. E.

First and foremost, Dr. Melissa and Dr. Jason have made my son feel so at home and comfortable, that he never hesitates a moment when coming to his appointments. His comfort level can’t be underestimated in moving toward effective treatment.More specifically, through the sensory integration work that Dr. Melissa does (highlighted by The Interactive Metronome), my son has made big strides in improving the areas of his behavior where he needed help. He carries himself in a more mature manner and seems more comfortable in his own skin. We have noticed that he is less hyper-verbal. He is more comfortable being quiet and his responses around adults are more mature and appropriate.In school, two of his teachers have remarked to me on separate occasions that he is much less impulsive, and has had a lot of success in keeping from calling out in class. The improvement was so marked that he was chosen “Student of the Month”. In addition, Dr. Melissa and Dr. Jason have provided us with a combination of general nutritional guidance and nutritional supplements aimed specifically toward addressing ADHD deficiencies and imbalances. This dietary approach has also provided tangible improvements. There is still work to be done; however, I am thrilled with the course we are on. I am especially thrilled that it has all been achieved without drugs.“No health care professional has ever cared so much about the entire mind body balance. Both my wife and I truly look forward to every visit with Core Therapies. We both walk out feeling healthy and happier for the experience.” - F. T.

No health care professional has ever cared so much about the entire mind body balance. Both my wife and I truly look forward to every visit with Core Therapies. We both walk out feeling healthy and happier for the experience. - S. H. & M. M.

Jenny has been having a really hard time for the past month. She seems so stressed, she cries at the drop of a hat and is constantly throwing temper tantrums. When I brought her to you yesterday, I was at my wits end. Well, I wanted to let you know that last night after her session with you Jenny seemed to turn a corner. She wasn't as over emotional and edgy as she has been. The work you're doing with her and the exercises you have taught her have made such a difference.Thank, you, thank you, thank you! It's so nice to have my sweet girl back. - D. W.

At the age of 18 months my daughter, Haylie, was diagnosed with allergy-induced asthma. This meant she was dependent on a daily inhaler and occasional steroids when it became out of control. On top of the asthma, Haylie has weak eye muscles. She was diagnosed with amblyopia (right eye turns in) at the age of 17 months and given corrective lenses. After 9 months of glasses, the right eye continued to noticeably turn in. By the time Haylie was 3 ½ , I was at the end of my rope with all the different doctors that were not working and all the prescription drugs they were continuing to shove down her throat. They were treating her symptoms and never really bothered to find her core problem. As a result, her eyes were not improving and her asthma was getting worse. Then, I was referred to Core Therapies. During Haylie's first appointment, I was assured by Dr. Melissa that I came to the right place. Both she and Dr. Jason believe strongly in finding the root of a medical condition and in treating the source not symptoms. I am thrilled to say that Dr. Melissa and Dr. Jason have achieved my dream; Haylie is asthma medication free and has been for 8 months and counting. As for her eye, it has come a long way. Together, Dr. Melissa and Dr. Jason changed my life and my daughter's health. For that, I will continually place my trust in them over and over again. - D. K

"In the past two months she is a totally different kid. She is doing things that our doctor said would not be possible until she was 10 and she is only 8 now." -Kaya



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