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Fall Open House

Sunday, September 23rd, 11AM-2PM - You won't want to miss this opportunity to meet our many new providers, see demos of the latest chiropractic techniques and attend workshops on subjects including:  Functional Neurology, Functional Medicine, Active Release Techniques, Graston, Spinal Decompression, Massage and Bodywork, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Laser Therapy and Pelvic Physical Therapy. Watch for emails during the coming weeks that will provide more details.  

Detox: Necessary or No Way 

Thursday, September 13th, 7-8:30PM - You’ve all heard of detoxes and cleanses, but Dr. Noemie Long will help us figure out if they really are effective? How do they work and why would someone want to do one (or not)? Learn the Top 5 foods you can eat to help support your body naturally! RSVP by calling the office at (973)240-7251 or going to our Event Page here.  

School Sports: Pre-screen & Protect Kids from Head Injuries

Thursday, September 20th, 7-8:30PM - This workshop with Dr. Marc Funderlich will include a live demonstration of concussion testing.  We'll cover:   

  •    Genetic testing for long-term concussion risk
  •    How to know if your child should play contact sports
  •    Preemptive steps to minimize concussion symptoms
  •    Recognizing a concussion
  •    What to do when you see a concussion

RSVP by calling the office at (973)240-7251 or visiting our Event Page here.

Inflammation:  Friend or Foe

Tuesday, October 2nd, 7-8:30PM -  We’ve all heard that inflammation is bad, but what is it? By the end of the hour you’ll own the answer to that question. Dr. Noémie Long will lead this talk all about inflammation...what it is and foods you can eat to help you fight off inflammation as well as pain and fatigue. No charge to attend. Space is limited. If you need additional information or have any questions about this workshop, please call (973)240-7251. To register, visit our event page here.

Grocery Shopping 101: Take a Guided Nutritional Tour of Trader Joe's with LuAnn Peters 

Wednesday, October 3rd, 7-9PM
Preregistration is required; $25 investment
RSVP by calling the office at (973)240-7251

Have a hard time deciding what's "healthy" in a supermarket? Confused when reading labels? Want to feed your family healthier food, but not sure how to do that?  Join Nutritionist LuAnn Peters for an eye-opening walk through Trader Joe's in Florham Park.  Sign up now by calling the office at (973) is limited!

"The Wheel of the Year" Transcendental Breathwork Session with Megan Gouldner

 Friday, September 21st, 7-9:30PM
Suggested Donation: $45
Register at [email protected]  

Celebrate the "Wheel of the Year" with us! It has long been said that "if one attunes themselves to nature, great wisdom will be evidenced in the simplicity and elegance with which the four seasons unfold, each unto the next, with its own unique beauty and purpose." Through Conscious Breathwork, specified Shamanic Journeying techniques and Writing Practices, we will explore the symbology, the rituals, and the thoughts, emotions and memories of each remarkable season.

Our session this month will include:

  • An exploration of the elements and the elementals of each season
  • Writing Practices to help uncover valuable thoughts and emotions tied within the seasons
  • An hour-long guided Rebirthing Breathwork Session
  • A bit of home play to keep you focused and thriving through each season

Thermography at Core Therapies

First Tuesday of every month by appointment only. Call Lisa Mack at 609.618.6545 to schedule an appointment and visit her website for further information.



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