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Neurosensory Integration

Neurosensory Integration is a Complementary Alternative Treatment for children with Neurodevelopmental disorders. We are each born with an initial set of reflexes, known as Primitive Reflexes, which allow us to develop and survive inside of the womb and throughout the first months of life. Each of these reflexes should naturally abate no later than year one of life. When a particular reflex does not abate on its own, a retained primitive reflex may prevent higher centers of the brain from developing properly. Such an occurrence can make it difficult for the child to handle certain demands of the Auditory, Visual, Tactile, Vestibular, and Proprioceptive systems. Developmental dysfunction in any of the areas during childhood can be carried on into adulthood.

Here at CORE Therapies, our Neurosensory Integration program is individually designed to help children overcome sensory deficits, helping them to achieve optimum health. Typically this means integrating chiropractic adjustments, nutritional changes and dietary support, neurosensory exercises, and home based exercises. The prescribed regimen may include the use of the Interactive Metronome, a computer based program that triggers the timing centers of the brain to help regulate the sensory processing system as a whole.


Florham Park Chiropractor | Florham Park chiropractic Neurosensory Integration |  NJ |
Florham Park Chiropractor | Neurosensory Integration. Dr. Jason Sonners is a Florham Park Chiropractor.